Top 10 Crypto and Bitcoin Wallets with the Lowest Fees

Every digital money owner needs a cryptocurrency wallet. With the help of it, you can exchange, store, and receive cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that some wallets can guarantee maximum safety of savings, and others are not designed to store large amounts of funds; however, they are indispensable when making frequent payments and transfers of funds. Therefore, it is so important to understand the existing bitcoin wallets and which of them can be considered as the best crypto wallets at present.

StormGain is a trusted cryptocurrency wallet with a guarantee of anonymity

StormGain Wallet

Even a novice owner of digital assets will be able to work with this wallet. It supports a large number of cryptocurrencies, as follows:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • XRP;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Tether;
  • Zcash;
  • Dash;
  • Stellar.

The multi-platform nature of StormGain allows you to use mobile versions of the system on iOS and Android. And integration with the exchange of the same name provides a wide range of available exchange and sale operations. In addition to the above, the wallet supports the purchase of cryptocurrency through a bank card and the use of a cloud miner.

There is no commission for replenishing the account, and the withdrawal fee is only 0.08% of the transaction amount. This makes StormGain the lowest fee crypto wallet.

Blockchain Wallet is the best hardware wallet with a wide range of currencies Wallet

A browser version and mobile apps are available to users when they using the service. The system itself gives access to two types of wallets at the same time, where one of them is intended for storing digital assets, and the second for comfortable work on the exchange.

The wallet supports 22 cryptocurrencies, as follows:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
  • Ether (ETH);
  • Stellar (XLM);
  • USD Digital (USD-D);
  • Tether (USDT), etc.

In Blockchain, you can carry out all the basic operations related to digital money and purchase cryptocurrency for EUR, USD, and other fiat money. And it should be noted that the service does not charge a fee for the operations performed, only the network commission is provided, which also makes Blockchain an affordable crypto wallet with the lowest fees.

Coinomi is the best crypto wallet with low fees

Coinomi Wallet

The wallet has a user-friendly interface for mobile apps and supports its work through a browser. And the user himself/herself determines which types of cryptocurrencies are interesting to him/her. The list of cryptocurrencies includes 12 digital assets as follows:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • XRP and others.

The system provides access to basic transactions, such as exchanging, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies. In addition, you are provided with the opportunity to purchase the digital assets of your interest through the official website by paying for the order with a card.

Coinomi is the cheapest crypto wallet. But it has to be considered that to carry out transactions, the system asks for a user’s personal data, such as his/her full name and address of residence.

Exodus and Trezor are the best crypto wallets for hot and cold storage of digital money

Exodus Wallet

The creation of both wallets belongs to the same company, while Exodus operates as a “hot” wallet through which it is convenient to carry out frequent financial transactions. While Trezor is designed for the long-term storage of funds.

More than 100 cryptocurrencies are available to you in this system, which allows you to successfully trade them on the exchange. At the same time, working in Exodus, a user has no fee when withdrawing and replenishing funds.

Exodus and Trezor complement each other perfectly and are the best crypto wallets with favorable terms of working with them. The only drawback of the system is the inability to purchase digital currency through a bank card.

Trezor Wallet

Trust is the best cryptocurrency wallet app with a convenient key backup function

Trust Wallet

This is the best cryptocurrency wallet app for users looking for easy work. Trust is suitable for those who are not too choosy about additional functionality and hold a large number of ERC-standard digital assets.

With the help of Trust, a user can:

  • Buy;
  • Store;
  • Collect NFTs;
  • View prices;
  • Trade;
  • Earn cryptocurrency.

The wallet supports all modern formats that can be purchased through a bank card.

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • XRP;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Binance Coin, etc.

With that, the process is as transparent and simple as possible. Trust does not ask for any verification or selfie forms.

Guarda is a hybrid cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store keys on your device

Guarda Wallet

This wallet combines the capabilities of all modern wallets. At the same time, you can manage your assets through a mobile and desktop app or a browser.

Today, Guarda supports over 45 types of cryptocurrencies and is compatible with all modern standards.

This makes it the best wallet for crypto; however, it is worth noting that the system does not support Wallet Connect. For this reason, it becomes impossible to work with most DeFi protocols.

Atomic is a secure open-source crypto wallet

Atomic Wallet

It is a multi-currency wallet with the ability to work with 300 different crypto assets. Among them you will find here:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • XRP;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Stellar.

The wallet specializes in the interaction of exchanges and other operations without intermediaries. Smart contact technologies and storage of private keys on a user’s device help to maximize the security of the work.

Bitcoin Wallet is the best wallet for crypto with an intuitive interface Wallet

This system is suitable for both an experienced cryptocurrency owner and a beginner. The program is easy to provide insight into, and the use of it is facilitated by the ability to identify via Touch ID. This is especially of great current interest when using fast payment via InstantPay.

The system supports multiple cryptocurrencies and thousands of SLP tokens created on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

The wallet is available on both basic mobile devices and desktop versions for PCs.

BitPay is a “hot” wallet for personal use and business

BitPay Wallet

This crypto wallet supports multisignature and has an improved security system.

When working with it, it is easy to pay for goods and services on many trading platforms, such as Amazon, Uber, and Google Play.

The service helps to exchange and withdraw digital currency to fiat money, as well as provides payment solutions for businesses. The partner lists include Microsoft, Twitch, and Spotify as well. Using this wallet, you can accept cryptocurrency payments based on your own business.

BRD is a mobile platform for working with digital assets

BRD Wallet

The ability to purchase the cryptocurrencies of your interest without leaving the app is a distinctive feature of the wallet.

Here you will find the following crypto assets:

  • Ethereum;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • DAI, etc.

The initial interface of the wallet is simple, but it has a limited set of operations, which will be enough to work with. If you need to expand the wallet functionality, the developers offer to buy their BRD token and get access to additional features.

It is not easy to choose the best cryptocurrency wallet app. By looking through this top list, you will be convinced that the preference for using a particular system should be based on your personal needs.

Bottom line

If you only need to store digital assets in a safe place, then the Trezor “cold” wallet is preferable for this purpose.

However, if you have your own business and want to receive bitcoins from sales, BitPay is simply the best system for this.

For the rest, this is a matter of taste and personal preference, as there are many decisive variables in the cryptocurrency business.

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