How to View Old Messages on Skype Mobile App

When it becomes necessary to remember what you talked about with a person earlier in Skype, you can use the built-in functionality of the application.

How to View Old Messages on Skype Mobile App

How to view old messages on skype for mobile if you have the latest version of Skype

To do this, you need to login to the messenger and open the chat with the contact for which you want to view the message history. 

But how to read old messages? It’s very simple: scroll up the conversation with that person in the chat window.

Scroll up the conversation with a person in the Skype mobile app

You will see the “Updating conversation ...” notification. 

Wait for a few seconds, after which messages for the previous dates will appear.

When scrolling the chat window, you will be able to see what month and year the given excerpt of your conversation refers to.

The conversation date - Skype for Mobile

So, you have seen to how to view old messages on the skype mobile app. It’s quite simple and clear.

How to view old messages on skype for mobile or PC if you use an old version of Skype

If for some reason you have an old version of skype, then the instructions given above will not work. 

In the previous Skype versions, all old messages were being archived after some time. This was done in order to not clutter up the screen with outdated messages and free up the program resources. At the same time, the archived messages were not being deleted, so you could view them if necessary. 

The exception is the situation when you manually deleted your messages - then it will be impossible to see old chat history.

So, here’s how to view the archived messages in the older version of Skype. The following sequence of actions works for all devices and operating systems:

01. Launch Skype on your device

02. Log in to your Skype account, in which you plan to view the message history you need

03. Go to the “Contacts” tab in the main program menu

Go to the “Contacts” tab

04. Select the contact you want to view the conversation history with. If you don’t see the chat you need, use the chat search by typing the first letters of the contact’s name.

05. Click the “Conversation” tab at the top of the screen and then select the “View old messages” option.

06. In the drop-down list you can select any period of time during which the conversation you are looking for took place. 

 “View old messagess” option - Skype

07. Select the desired period by clicking on it.

08. Also, if you need to view the old messages on a specific topic or keywords, you can select the “Find” option located in the same tab as the “View Old Messages”. In this case, Skype will display all mentions of the words you set for the entire available period of communication with the contact.

We have described all ways on how to view old messages on Skype for mobile devices or PCs. Just follow the described instructions and you will find the information you need in just a few seconds and clicks.

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