How to Use Downloaded Fonts in Word on the Mac

To start using downloaded fonts in Word on the Mac, you do not need to have any programming skills or perform some complex actions. They are installed in this application quite simply. But there are still some nuances, which far from all instructions tell about.

How to Use Downloaded Fonts in Word on the Mac

3 easy steps to start using downloaded fonts in Word on the Mac:

Step 1. Downloading fonts

To install a font without problems and make it available for use on the Mac, it should have the .ttf extension.

  1. You can download suitable options, for example, at  

As an example, let’s look at the process of downloading and installing the DSSTAMPE font from the specified site.

Step 1. Downloading fonts - Mac

The above figure shows that this font is not yet available in the font list in Word. Let’s add it to the list of the proposed font for use.

  • So, to download the font from this site, you need to click the appropriate button (“Download”).
Download the font from an external source to use it on your Mac

If you have already downloaded it, you can overleap this step.

After the desired file have been downloaded, and you can go to the next step – to install it.

In some cases, the file will be archived. And you need to unpack it before installation.

Step 2. Adding the downloaded font to your Mac’s system library

MacOS allows you to make the font available to all applications on your computer.

That is, to use downloaded fonts in Word on the Mac, you don’t need to add them to the program separately.

Just add the necessary files to the system library of the operating system. To do this, you should perform as follows:

  • Make a double click on the downloaded file with the .ttf extension.
Make a double click on the downloaded file with the .ttf extension - Mac
  • Click the “Install Font” button in the window appeared. By the way, here you can see whether the desired font is installed on your computer (in the lower-left corner of the dialog box).
Click the “Install Font” button - Mac
New font is installed on your Mac

Depending on the OS settings, new ones can be added to the User folder (or with a different name depending on which user you are working on behalf of). It is nothing wrong with that.

You don’t need to move them anywhere – all of them will be available for work in programs on your Mac.

Step 3. Some users come to this step and think that nothing is going to work out

This is an IMPORTANT step. Do not miss it!!!

If the Word program was opened on the computer while adding the downloaded font, you will not be able to immediately start using it.

You should restart this text editor so that the changes come into operation.

Moreover, it is required not only to close the current document but to shut down the application in the Dock.

For this purpose, do the following:

  1. Save any necessary changes to open Word documents.
  2. Find the application icon in the Dock and click on it with the right mouse button.
  3. Select “Quit” in the list appeared.
Select “Quit” to shut down the Word application - Mac

Now you need to restart Word (you can open any existing document or create a new one).

And if you look at the list of available fonts, the new one will already appear in it.

The new font is now installed in Word - Mac
  • TIP. If you plan to use downloaded fonts not only in Word but also in other programs on the Mac after installation, we recommend restarting your computer to let the changes take effect and not to waste time on restarting each application individually. In this case, the changes will take effect immediately for all programs installed on your computer.

As you can see, the answer to the question “how do I use downloaded fonts in Word on the Mac?” is quite simple. Everything will take a couple of minutes.

The only thing is to download files from trusted sources. If this is an archive, and if there is something else in addition to the file with the .ttf extension and you are recommended to install it, you should not do this.

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