How to Unsync iPhone from iPad
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All Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac can be automatically synced using iTunes or Apple ID. This feature allows you to play music, movies, TV programs or any other content that was purchased in the iTunes Store. Also it’s possible to sync all purchased/ downloaded apps from the App Store and iBook Store.

How to Unsync iPhone from iPad

Typically, Apple devices sync with each other in the following cases:

  1. You are signed in to Apple Music with your Apple ID
  2. You have an iTunes Match subscription
  3. iCloud Library is enabled on your devices
  4. You have music downloaded to all Apple devices without connecting to the Internet
  5. The "Family Sharing" mode is turned on
  6. You have items that were purchased and downloaded from the iTunes, App Store or iBook Store.

You can even set up the “Automatic Downloads” feature on your associated devices. So, anything you buy on one device will automatically appear on all others.

It’s allowed to associate up to ten devices under one Apple ID. Moreover, not only Apple devices can be connected. You can sync your iPhone to Android phones and Windows computers.

However, sometimes users want to “unsync” their devices. It may be necessary in the following cases:

  1. You have reached the limit for the number of connected devices, and you want to add a new one
  2. You can’t sync purchases from iTunes and App Store
  3. You’re going to give away or sell an associated iPhone or any other device.

Let’s see how to unsync iPhone from iPad

Here are the instructions you should perform on your iPhone:

  • Open settings
Open iPhone settings
  • Press on the bar with your name
Press on the bar with your name - iPhone
  • In the opened list, select the tab titled “iTunes & App Store”
Select the “iTunes and App Store” tab
  • Click on the bar with Apple ID 
Click on the bar with Apple ID
  • Select the “View Apple ID” item
Select the “View Apple ID” item

At this point, the iPhone may request confirmation from an owner. To do this, enter your password for Apple ID or use the iTouch function (attach your finger to the Touch ID):

Attach your finger to the Touch ID
  • Find the “iTunes in the Cloud” section
Find the “iTunes in the Cloud” section
  • Click “Remove This Device”
Click “Remove This Device”

Now you know how to unsync iPhone from iPad. After completing all the steps showed above, your iPhone will successfully unsync from iPad and other devices. If you want to unsync iPad from iPhone then follow all the instructions in the same order on that device.

So, you have learned about the easiest and fastest way how to unsync iPhone from iPad. You do not need a PC device to do this. Because all the necessary settings can be done directly on your iPhone.

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