How to Turn off Keyboard Sound on Android

This guide will help you learn how to turn off keyboard sound on Android. This is one of the most popular search requests for individual gadget settings along with disabling vibration when clicking on keys.

These both options annoy many users. And the operating system allows to easily get rid of from annoying sounds, as well as enabling/disabling vibration when clicking on keys.

How to Turn off Keyboard Sound on Android

Here is a simple action sequence that will help you understand how to stop keyboard sound on Android:

  • Open “Settings” and scroll the list to the “Sounds” section.
  • A whole range of settings will be available to you in the menu opened. Go to the block of advanced sound settings by clicking “Advanced”:
Sound Settings on Android - Advanced
  • Scroll down the menu once more to the “Other sounds and vibrations” section. It has everything we need to configure:
Sound Settings - Other sounds and vibrations - Android
  • Now, you have a number of settings, among which you can find an answer to the question “How to turn off sound on Android keyboard?”. To do this, simply put the slider opposite the words “Dial pad tones” and “Touch sounds” in the disabled position.

That’s all! Now, the sound of the keys will not bother you anymore.

We also recommend you to pay your attention to other options of the open menu and conveniently configure the vibration and other sounds (when scrolling, clicking on keys or in low charge of the gadget). Thus, you will make using the device as comfortable as possible.

We suggest you only to enable “Charging sound”, as shown in the last screenshot. This is important to control the charging of your gadget, i.e. for the convenient and safe use of your device throughout its life.

So, you learned how to turn off sound on a keyboard for Android. You can do this in just 4 steps. And now, you can also configure other options for using the gadget that will make working with it as comfortable as possible.

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