How to Tell If Your Number Is Blocked on Android

Every modern phone has a blacklist function. You can add a call recipient from your contacts to the blacklist. This means that his/her calls will be blocked on your device. I.e., he/she will not be able to contact you.

How to Tell If Your Number Is Blocked on Android

How to tell if your number is blocked on Android? There are no software tools to identify this, but you can figure it out yourself by simply using the logic.

Try calling a person you suspect he/she blocked you

If the call is constantly hung up or redirected to voicemail, then you were blocked by this user.

For absolute certainty, you can use a trick.

Change your SIM card to another and try to dial from it. Or ask your friend, whose number the person who blocked you does not know, to call him/her.

If the dial from another number is successful and the person picks up, it means that your number was definitely blocked. What to do in this case?

First of all, think about why you could be blocked. Maybe, you were too obsessive, incorrect in communication, or you ceased to be interesting to this person.

It is possible that you simply quarreled with your soulmate or friend, and therefore, you were blacklisted on his/her mobile phone.

If so, try contacting this person through social networks or instant messengers. Or buy another SIM card and call him/her from the new number.

There is another way how to tell if your number is blocked on Android.

Try calling the subscriber several times within three minutes

Maybe, he/she activated the “Do Not Disturb” mode on his/her Smartphone. Then all incoming calls are blocked for him/her.

But this mode has a secret: calls often repeated within a short period of time till reach the owner of the device. So you can check. If your call reaches the call recipient, then your number is not blocked, and the person simply activated the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Unfortunately, this method also does not give a 100% result. As there is a possibility that the function of receiving repeated calls is simply not turned on.

More tips on how to know if your number is blocked on Android

You can find out that you are on the blacklist by analyzing what exactly you hear after dialing the number. There are three “answer” options for blocked subscribers:

  1. You hear one beep and immediately the call is interrupted – this is the most common option.
  2. You may hear short beeps. Usually, these happen when the call recipient is talking to someone or the line is busy.
  3. A robot can tell you: “The subscriber is unavailable. Please try again later”.

If you try to have a person on the phone for a long time and all the time you hear one of three options, then be sure: your number was blacklisted.

Now, you know how to tell if your number is blocked on Android and what can be done to contact a user who blocked you!

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