How to Sync Bookmarks in Chrome

Most of us have several devices we use to access the Internet: desktop computers, Smartphones, tablets, etc. It is very inconvenient to create a separate set of bookmarks on each device and constantly recalling your favorite sites. For this purpose, developers have provided Chrome Sync, a special service for synchronizing bookmarks.

How to sync bookmarks in Chrome

All you need to synchronize your favorite pages and sites once and for all is to once correctly configure ChromeSync by adding all your devices and accounts to it. If necessary, this action can be canceled when it is required.

Chrome sync bookmarks settings

First of all, you need to have a Google account – this is the most important condition. All other instructions on how to sync bookmarks in Chrome can be found in this guide. Regardless of which operating system you use, the setting is similar in all cases: for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Configuring Chrome Sync in Windows

01. Enter the “Settings” in Chrome (upper right corner):

Chrome Settings

02. Open the “People” section, click “Sign in to Chrome”:

Sign in to Chrome

03. Depending on whether you want to transfer bookmarks from the current account or not, select the correct option in the dialog and continue:

Crome Sync options

04. Now you will see a notification of synchronization. Agree with it:

Notification of synchronization

05. Now you should choose what you want to synchronize. By default, Chrome syncs all and everything:

Chrome Sync Settings

You can independently configure the list of synchronized settings in this interactive window:

List of Chrome Sync Options

06. Most important! Create a strong password and encrypt your settings with two-factor authentication:

Encrypt synced data with your own sync passphrase

How to sync chrome bookmarks across devices 

The setting looks the same on all devices and operating systems. Here are the basic steps:

01. Go to the “Settings” in Chrome on your device. This example shows how to sync chrome bookmarks to iPhone:

Chrome settings - iPhone

02. Log in to your account:

Sign in to Chrome - iPhone

03. Now, you can combine bookmarks from individual or every account. For this purpose, select “Combine my data” or “Keep my data separate”:

Combine my data - Chrome - iPhone

04. It remains only to start the synchronization by entering the previously created password:

Chrome Sync password - iPhone

How to disable sync mode in Chrome

If you no longer need bookmark synchronization on your device, just sign out of Chrome Sync on the appropriate device:

Disable Chrome Sync

You can also delete data saved on bookmarks. To do this, check the box here:

Remove your existing data from this device - Chrome

How to reset sync in Chrome

This function allows you to delete all data previously synchronized from the server. But they will be saved on your device. The sync reset is carried out from a ChromeSync account:

How to reset sync in Chrome

Now, you know how to sync chrome bookmarks between computers and across devices in a few minutes, once and for all!

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