How to Reset Safari on iPhone

Every owner of Apple gadgets needs to know how to restart Safari on iPhone, Mac, or iPad. Despite the high quality of this browser, even it has performance problems or you need to clear your browsing history or get rid of passwords and logs saved. The reset of the Safari browser solves these tasks, and now, you will learn how to do it correctly in this guide.

How to Reset Safari on iPhone

Below, there are simple steps that allow you to reset the Safari browser on iPhone in a few typical cases.

Clear the history and data on visited sites

This action improves Safari productivity and restores your privacy after using iPhone. In such a case, you also delete cache and cookie files, as a result of which the iPhone operating speed increases, but it initially slows down surfing a little on your favorite sites (we recommend you to learn more about cache and cookies before deleting them).

To delete these files, you should perform the following steps:

01. Go to the iPhone start screen, then go to “Settings” and click on the Safari icon:

iPhone settings - Safari

02. Click on the inscription “Clear history and website data” in the browser settings window:

Safari settings - "Clear history and website data"

That’s all! You have cleared your browsing history from the iPhone.

In earlier versions of Safari, clearing history, cookies and cache are carried out by successive clicking the corresponding buttons:

Clearing history, cookies and cache in earlier versions of Safari

Delete extensions installed on Safari

This option allows you to delete unnecessary extensions, as well as suspicious, malicious or those settings of the browser restricting the performance of the gadget. You can install these extensions back at any time.

01. Go to the list of Safari extensions installed on your iPhone:

Safari extensions installed on iPhone

02. Here, having opened any of the extensions, you can quickly proceed to its deleting by clicking the “Delete” button.

Here is an example with deleting a keyboard with emoticons:

Delete Safari extension on the iPhone

Now, we learned how to reset the Safari browser on the iPhone. We recommend you to carry out the above steps if you feel a decrease in the speed of the browser or the gadget as a whole. These actions also make your iPhone and browsing history clean and private.

However, we should warn you that the specified methods for cleaning the service files of the Safari browser DO NOT 100% remove all “traces” of use. Full cleaning can be achieved only by connecting the iPhone to the PC and performing manual cleaning. You can learn about this from our other article.

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