How to Reinstall Safari on the iPhone

What should you do if your Safari browser suddenly stops correctly working or disappears from the screen of your iPhone? The standard solution is to reinstall the application.

Unfortunately, the Safari developer didn’t give us such an opportunity – you cannot either remove or install Safari from the AppStore.

The only way is to use alternative methods. And now, we will take a closer look at how to reinstall Safari on the iPhone depending on the issues identified.

How to Reinstall Safari on the iPhone

How to get Safari back on the iPhone if its icon disappears from the device

To do this, please carry out the following steps:

01. First of all, reboot the device: turn off your iPhone and turn it on again.

02. Check if the icon was randomly moved to another screen or to a separate application folder.

You can do this manually or through the search function on your device.

To find the search bar on the iPhone, swipe the main screen with your finger to the right and you will see the search bar at the top of the screen.

How to get Safari back if its icon disappears from the device

If the icon is detected, but nothing happens (the application does not start) when you try to click on it, go to the next step.

03. Check if the latest version of iOS is installed on your iPhone.

Problems with the application can often occur if your operating system is outdated.

To check if your iPhone requires updates, go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Software Update”.

Check the latest version of iOS

If a newer version of iOS is detected, download and install it on your Smartphone.

How to restore Safari on the iPhone

If the problem is still not resolved, check if restrictions are set.

iPhone settings - Screen time - Restrictions
iPhone settings - Content and Privacy Restrictions

In the menu opened, you will see a list of programs including Safari, for which restrictions are set if any. On restricted applications, the switch on the right will be active.

iPhone settings - Content and Privacy Restrictions - Allowed Apps

If the “Restrictions” menu is selected on “Off”, then the reason for failure of the Safari operation or missing is something else.

Don’t despair! To recover Safari on the iPhone, you can carry out the following:

01. Clearing temporary files and other “garbage” from the memory of your device.

Open “Settings”, find “Safari”, and select the “Clear history and website data” item in the menu opened.

iPhone - Safari - Clear history and website data

In addition, go to the “Advanced” item in the same section, then go to the window opened and select “Website data”.

iPhone - Safari - Advanced
iPhone - Safari - Advanced - Website Data

After such procedures, your device will most likely begin to work more efficiently and without any problems with Safari.

02. One of the most “principal” methods for solving problems with the app is resetting the phone and restoring a backup copy.

For this purpose, you must have your data backup in iCloud or iTunes.

To restore a backup, go to “Settings” -> “General”, then select the “Reset” sub-menu item at the bottom, and then click “Reset All Settings”.

Make sure that before this, you have backed up your device!

iPhone - Reset All Settings

After resetting, boot the Smartphone and select “Restore backup from iCloud” (... iTunes) depending on where you previously backed up your data.

This procedure may take some time – up to an hour or more, be patient and wait for its completion.

So, we figured out how to get Safari back on the iPhone and restore its functionality even despite the fact that users are deprived of such an opportunity by default.

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