How to Listen to YouTube with Screen off iPhone

YouTube is the most popular video hosting service in the world. It hosts the best content including recordings of seminars, training courses and music. To listen to this content with the screen turned off and not to waste battery power too much, as well as to lock the screen, YouTube offers to use its paid YouTube Premium or YouTube Red apps. But you have to pay for this from $9.99 per month.

How to Listen to YouTube with Screen off iPhone

In this guide, we will tell you how to circumvent restrictions of video hosting and how to listen to YouTube with screen off the iPhone free of charge.

The 1st way: Launching a video from YouTube in a special way. 

Below is a short sequence of actions:

1. Use a different browser instead of the standard Safari to view and listen.

For example, Mozilla Firefox or Opera Mini. Both browsers are much the same convenient, so choose by your preference.

Download any of them from the official website or from the AppStore:

Download Mozilla Firefox
Or Download Opera Mini
Copy the link to the desired video

3. Switch the site playback mode from the mobile version to the full one, just like for a computer.

In this case, the letter “m” will disappear in the address bar.

4. That’s all. Now, you can listen to YouTube in the background.

And at the same time, the service will independently switch between the clips in your playlist.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done using Safari. The music will immediately turn off in a standard browser as soon as you decide to lock the screen.

 To solve this problem, you can also use the Dolphin browser:

The Dolphin browser

Dolphin works with both iOS and Android. The advantages of this browser are as follows: the possibilities of fine customization, gesture control (including their settings), and a large number of relevant topics and layouts.

The 2nd way of how to play YouTube on the lock screen iPhone

We should block the iPhone/iPad using the YouTube mobile application.

For this purpose, you need to download the official YouTube mobile application to your device:

  1. Open YouTube and select the desired video in the application
  2. Quickly double-press on the gadget’s power button and the device will lock continuing to play the video.

Unfortunately, this option is activated not on all versions of the iPhone and iPad. But this way is one of the most simple and convenient.

The 3d way of how to get YouTube to play with screen off the iPhone.

Use third-party applications for video playback.

The trick of this method is to play the video using another client. It can even be a messenger. For example, Telegram:

1. Click “Share” under the desired YouTube video.

So, you will receive a link to the video, which now remains to be transferred to the messenger:

Click "Share" under the desired YouTube video

2. Select Telegram as the application with which you plan to share the link:

Select Telegram as the app with which you plan to share the link

3. Save the video to “Favorites” or paste in a draft of any message.

The link will become available for playback and you can lock the gadget screen without any problems:

Save the video to "Favorites" or paste in a draft of any message


So, now you know how to listen to YouTube with screen off the iPhone free of charge. This requires only a little trick and just a few steps. Thanks to this, you will not have to pay about $10 or more for a monthly subscription to YouTube Red or other premium video hosting accounts.

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