How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Skype

Despite the appearance of more modern instant messengers, Skype is still very popular among those who like to talk via the webcam. Unfortunately, some users came across an incident that they are blocked by the people with whom they spoke earlier. So how to know if someone blocked you on Skype? Can we make clear this somehow? Yes, we can! There will be no direct alerts about this, but you can find out it by indirect signs!

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Skype

Signs of blocking on Skype

01. You cannot send a message to the person you are talking to and communicate to him/her by phone.

This is one of the most obvious signs that a person blocked you on Skype. When you write, call and try to contact a user for a long time by the messenger, but he/she does not read messages, does not answer calls, there are 2 options. Either he/she is simply offline, or he/she blocked you on Skype, and neither your text messages nor your calls reach him/her. Do you want to know this for sure? Then add this user from another Skype account. If he/she confirms the invitation and will read your messages from another account, but will not do this in your one, then you have still been blocked.

You cannot send a message to the person - Skype

02. The “online” status disappears.

How to tell if you are blocked on Skype else? Look at the status of the user you are interested in. So, he/she was recently online or “moved off”, and nothing is shown at all now. Maybe, he/she simply left the program or activated the “invisibility” mode. This is highly probable. But if this lasts not only for several hours but for many days, he/she most likely to have blacklisted you. And precisely due to this, you stopped seeing his/her real network status.

The “online” status disappears - Skype

How to tell if someone blocked you on Skype? The inscription “Seen days ago” is displayed in the chat tab with this person or when viewing his/her profile. You will always see such an inscription even if the user is online right now, but he/she blocked you on Skype.

“Seen days ago” - Skype

03. Confidential information disappears.

For example, a phone  number or a user photo. But this data disappears only in the case when the Skype settings indicate that only the person’s contacts can see this data. And provided that the user not only blocked you but also deleted you from his/her contacts.

How to know if someone blocked you on Skype in another way?

Social computing is already get involved here. You can register another Skype account with random data (we’ve already talked about this previously), or ask one of your friends to help you. All that needs to be done is to authorize the person whom you suspect that he/she blocked you. And then try to write him/her a message and send it. If he/she reads it (a small icon with his/her photo appeared under your message), and much less he/she sends a response message, then he/she is still in place and online.

How to know that your Skype contact saw your messages

However, if he/she does not read your messages from your old account and not accepts your calls, then everything is clear: he/she blocked you! This is 100% true.

Now, you are aware of how to tell if someone blocked you on Skype. If you have such suspicion about a significant other, your friend or colleague, compare all of the listed signs or use a fake Skype account or your friend’s one!

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