How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Safari

Have you made a decision to change your browser? Or maybe you want to change a computer. And you don’t want to part with useful bookmarks in your browser that have been accumulating for years. We will tell the good news – you don’t need to do this. You just need to find out how to import bookmarks and history from one browser to another.

How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Safari

Let’s look at this process using the example of Chrome and Safari – the browsers that are in the TOP5 in terms of popularity at the beginning of 2019 of 67.15% and 3.71%, respectively (according to Net Market Share).

How to import bookmarks from Chrome to Safari if both browsers are installed on the same computer

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Safari browser
  2. Select the “File” item in the top menu
  3. Select the “Import from” item in the drop-down list

After that, a list of browsers will appear, from which bookmarks can be transferred to Safari. Choose Google Chrome.

How to Import Google Chrome Bookmarks to Safari

Then the system will offer you an option for the transfer: you can import both bookmarks and browsing history. Check the boxes next to the necessary items and press the “Import” button.

This was done. After this, to make sure that the transfer was successful, go to the Safari browser in the following way: select the “Bookmarks” item in the top menu -> “Show bookmarks”. If everything is ok, you will see the necessary information in the panel on the left. In addition, a quick link to the imported bookmarks appears in the central browser window.

Bookmarks in the Chrome browser:

Bookmarks in the Chrome browser

The same bookmarks after transferring them to Safari:

The same bookmarks after transferring them to Safari

How to transfer bookmarks from Chrome to Safari if browsers are installed on different computers

BY THE WAY, this method also works when both browsers are installed on the same computer. If something went wrong with the previous method, please try this one.

Let’s imagine that, for example, you have Chrome on your work computer, and Safari on your home computer, and you need to transfer the necessary links to your home PC. This is also easy to do.

Before importing bookmarks from Chrome to Safari, you need to prepare an HTML file that will be transferred from one computer to another.

For this purpose you should do the following:

01. Open Chrome from which you want to import bookmarks into Safari.

02. Go to the “Bookmark Manager” by selecting the “Bookmarks” item in the top menu.

Bookmark Manager - Chrome

03. Click on in the upper right corner of the browser window.

Chrome settings button

04. Click on the “Export bookmarks” item in the drop-down list

“Export bookmarks” feature - Chrome

05. In the window appeared, specify the name of the file (or leave it by default) and select “HTML Text” in the “Format” item, and also specify the location for saving the file.

06. Click the “Save” button.

Save bookmarks in HTML file format - Chrome

The file with bookmarks is saved in the HTML format, which is compatible with all browsers. You can even open it and see clickable links there, by clicking on which you can go to the necessary pages and sites.

Now, you need to transfer this file to the computer with the Safari browser, into which the data will be imported.

You can do this in any convenient way: using a USB flash drive, by sending a file by e-mail, or Skype or any other messenger.

The next step in solving the problem of how to import bookmarks from Chrome to Safari is to work with the browser directly on the computer where the data is transferred.

To do this:

01. Open Safari

02. Follow the path by selecting the “File” item in the top menu -> “Import from” -> “Bookmarks HTML file”.

Import Bookmarks from HTML file - Safari

03. In the window appeared, select the file prepared in advance and click “Import” (or double click on it with the left mouse button).

In addition, the file does not have to be transferred to the computer: the data will be downloaded without problems even if it is on a flash drive.

How to import bookmarks to your mobile device

Once you manage to import bookmarks from Chrome to Safari on your iMac or MacBook, you can easily transfer them to your mobile devices (iPhone or iPad) via iCloud.

For this purpose, simply launch iCloud in the following way: 

Apple Menu -> “System settings” -> “iCloud”

and in the window appeared, check the box next to Safari.

Import bookmarks to Safari via iCloud

You can also do this through iTunes.

For this purpose, you need:

  1. connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer via a cable, launch iTunes
  2. click on the device to which data is transferred
  3. select the “Synchronize bookmarks from Safari” item
  4. click the “Apply” button

So, we find out how to import bookmarks from Chrome on Safari (including the browsing history). And it is not difficult to do this even if browsers are installed on different computers. Moreover, even the type of operating system does not matter. You can easily import bookmarks from Chrome on the computer operating on Windows to your iMac or MacBook.

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