How to Get New Emojis on Mac

Do you want to get new emojis on the Mac and make your set of emojis unique, not like other users’ collections? Then you have to wait for the next system update.

How to Get New Emojis on Mac

The fact is that emojis are approved and updated by the Unicode Consortium. After agreement and approval, a code is generated that is added to the system updates (MacOS, iOS, etc.).

Is it absolutely impossible to add new emojis on Mac?

No, you can do it. But this is a partial solution – a so-called “crutch”. And it will not be a full-fledged emoji. But if you want to stand out against the others, you can use such an alternative.

How to do this, we consider below.

And first, let’s figure out how to insert an emoji on Mac into a text and messages in instant messengers.

There are 3 ways to add emoji to a text on Mac:

  1. With mouse through the menu bar
  2. Using hotkeys
  3. Through AutoCorrect

How to put emoji with the mouse through the menu bar

If the menu icon for controlling input languages ​​is displayed in the menu bar (in the top right), you can put an emoji through it.

Just click on this icon and select “Show Emoji & Symbols” in the drop-down list.

After that, a window will appear to select the symbol you need.

Select “Show Emoji and Symbols” - Mac

If the menu icon for controlling input languages is not displayed in the menu bar, you should enable its displaying as follows:

  • Follow the path:
Open the Apple menu - Mac
select "System Preferences" - Mac
  • Select “Language and Region” in the window appeared
Select “Language and Region” - Mac
  • Click the “Keyboard Preferences” button in the next window (in the bottom right).
Click the “Keyboard Preferences” - Mac
  • Now, check the box next to the “Show input menu in menu bar” item in the window appeared.
Check the box next to the “Show input menu in menu bar” item - Mac

That’s all. And now, an icon that allows you to quickly call up the panel with an emoji will constantly be displayed in the menu bar.

How to put an emoji on Mac using hotkeys

There is a combination of hotkeys for quick access to the panel.

  1. Press “Ctrl + Cmd + Space” simultaneously, and a panel will appear.
  2. Then you just should select the desired icon, and it will be substituted in the place where the cursor is currently located.

AutoCorrect for those who often use the same emoji

Many of us have 2-3 or even more, favorite symbols that are used most often.

You can set the rules for autocorrect so that you should not constantly inquire the panel and not look for the necessary emojis on it.

The required elements will be automatically substituted for a certain key combination.

The keyboard shortcut can be any. For example, let’s assign some kind of emoji to the azz1 keyboard shortcut as follows:

  1. Go to system settings (Apple menu - “System Preferences”)
  2. Select the “Keyboard” item
Select the “Keyboard” item - Mac
  • Go to the Text tab in the window appeared.
Go to the Text tab - Mac
  • Click “+” in the lower right corner. The cursor will move to the field where you should enter a combination that will be automatically replaced by an emoji (in our case, this is azz1 – enter it into the field).
Enter a combination that will be automatically replaced by an emoji - Mac
  • Next, place the cursor in the field in the “With” column opposite the phrase to be replaced and press the already familiar key combination “Ctrl + Cmd + Space”. After that, a panel with emojis will appear, from which you need to select the one you need.
Select an emoji you want to use - Mac

In such a case, we have assigned the azz1 autocorrect combination with a vehicle symbol. And the corresponding icon appeared opposite this “key”.

We have assigned the 'azz1' autocorrect combination with a vehicle symbol - Mac
  • Close the window and the changes are saved automatically

IMPORTANT. For AutoCorrect, use keyboard shortcuts that are not encountered in the messages. Otherwise, all matching syllables and text fragments will be automatically replaced by emojis.

How to get new emojis on Mac, if they are not available in updates

The only alternative is to add them as pictures. 

  1. Go to the Unicode Consortium website
  2. Select the symbol you need. 
  3. Press the keyboard shortcut “Shift + Cmd + 4”. The cursor will turn into the cross. 
  4. Select the desired emoji, and a screenshot will be made of it, which will be saved on the desktop.  
  5. Now, you copy the emoji (“Cmd + C”) and paste it into the text (“Cmd + V”) as a picture as necessary. Of course, it doesn’t work correctly in all programs. But this is a good option for text documents and instant messengers.

So, to get new emojis on Mac and fully use them, you need to wait for system updates. Otherwise, you can use the partial solution described above.

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