How to Empty Trash on the iPad

As you use the gadget, its memory is filled day by day. And a time comes when you need to clean it. If you also face this problem, then most likely you had a question – where is the trash folder on my iPad?

How to Empty Trash on the iPad

Unfortunately, deleting unnecessary iPad files is not very convenient – you should go manually through a number of folders and storage locations, where you need to perform the deletion.

From this guide, you will learn how to empty trash on iPad and delete all unnecessary data. This action will not only free up the resources of your gadget but also speed up its work and increase its performance.

Here are a few ways to clear trash on iPad:

Delete unnecessary photos

For this purpose, open your photos and scroll down to the “Recently Deleted” folder.

The gadget dumps everything here you have already deleted yourself but what it may still be necessary just in case. So, check if there is anything you really need here.

  • Click on the "Recently Deleted" folder:
the “Recently Deleted” folder - iPad
  • Select unnecessary photos or select all photos to delete:
Select photos photos to delete

The “Recently Delete” folder has been cleared of unnecessary photos.

Delete the garbage from “Notes”

  • Open “Notes” on your iPhone or iPad and go to the “Recently Deleted” tab:
Open “Notes” on your iPad

By analogy with deleting photos, here you can delete a part of notes or all of them by clicking a single button.

  • Clear the contents by clicking “Delete All”:
“Delete All" Notes on iPad

All notes have been deleted!

Clear the mail from the garbage

A large number of letters, files, and other information can be accumulated in the mail. Often, users accidentally duplicate files in both mail and iPad, although this is unnecessary.

To delete unnecessary letters, go to the “Mail” application and select the account you need. We will delete namely these letters from the account.

  • Now, click on “Trash” and “Delete”:
Clear the mail on iPad - click on “Trash”
Clear the mail on iPad - click on “Delete”

All selected letters have been deleted.

Delete messages and music

To accurately clean these files, you will need to connect your iPad to a desktop computer. The fact is that there is no other way to clean the gadget hard drive from these files.

  1. Connect the gadget to a computer via the USB cable and open it using the standard “Explorer” or a special application. For example, you can use EaseUS MobiMover Free. There are dozens of other free applications on the Internet, among which you can choose what you like.
  2. Go to the folder of the device you want to clean:
the folder of the device you want to clean

Now you can either delete all contents or get rid of individual files.

To do this, mark them and do what you need with them (copy, move, or delete):

Delete all contents or get rid of individual files on your iPad

The program will ask you for confirmation of the deletion. This action cannot be canceled later:

The confirmation of the deletion - iPad

So, you know how to clear trash on the iPad now. You can clean either individual memory elements (mail, messages, notes, etc.) or free up the entire memory. This will increase the gadget operation speed. When deleting files with the connection to a computer, be careful not to accidentally delete important

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