How to Empty Trash on iPhone

The more you load the device, the more acute the issue of its operativity, answer bit rate, and available gigabytes comes up. To avoid such problems, we advise you to study this guide on how to empty trash on iPhone. 

Here, you will learn how to delete trash on iPhone and make your phone operate faster.

Before moving on to the methods on how to empty trash on iPhone, let’s find out the amount of free memory space on the device and track what all the gigabytes spent on.

1. To do this, we go to the “Settings”:

Go to the “Settings”

2. Select “General” on the menu:

Select “General”

3. In the proposed options, we find the “iPhone Storage”:

Find the “iPhone Storage”

4. And here, we get into the window with detailed statistics on how your iPhone’s memory is used:

How your iPhone’s memory is used

Here, you can analyze which apps are taking up all the space, or maybe, you littered your phone with photos and videos. If you have a lot of photos, then here is our first tip.

The 1st way to Delete Trash on iPhone

Step 1. Go to the “Settings”

Click the “Settings”

Step 2. Find the “Photo” line in the list:

Find the “Photo” line

Step 3. There is “Optimise iPhone Storage” on the menu:

“Optimise iPhone Storage”

If you enable this function, your device will compress the quality and volume of photos when the free space comes to an end. This will provide you with saving some memory space.

The function is considered to be connected if there is a checkmark next to the line with the name, as in the example:

Enable this function

You can also optimize the music files on your iPhone. To do this, follow these steps.

Step 1. Open the “Settings”:

Open the “Settings”

Step 2. Find the “Music” line:

Find the “Music” line

Step 3. Select the “Optimise Storage” line:

Select the “Optimise Storage”

Step 4. Enable the function:

Enable the function

After its activation, your device will delete audio files you have not listened to for a long time from your phone. But this will only happen if free memory space comes to an end.

In the “Music” tab, you can manually delete audio files you do not need. Find the “Downloaded Music” tab:

Find the “Downloaded Music” tab

Next, scroll to the required line with the song title, drag it to the left, and click on the red “Delete” button:

Click on the red “Delete” button

The 2nd Way to Empty Trash on iPhone

It's related to clearing the cache of your apps and instant messengers. This is what most of the memory space of the device is expended on. And cleaning your cache regularly will help free up a huge amount of memory space for you.

Let’s have a look at this way using Safari as an example.

Step 1. Go to the “Settings”

Tap the “Settings”

Step 2. Go to the “Safari” tab

Go to the “Safari” tab

Step 3. Click on the “Clear History and Website Data” line 

Click on the “Clear History and Website Data”

Step 4. Confirm the action

Confirm the action

With other apps, you can try another method that iPhone manufacturers suggest to us. 

Step 1. Go to the “Settings”

Go to the “Settings”

Step 2. Go to “General”

Go to “General”

Step 3. Click on the “iPhone Storage”

Click on the “iPhone Storage”

Step 4. Choose the app you want to offload

Choose the app you want to offload

Step 5. The “Offload App” option will appear in the proposed menu

The “Offload App” option will appear

Why is this valuable to you? The app will be removed from your device, but all the data used by it will be saved. If necessary, you can reinstall the app from the App Store again.

As an alternative to this, you can completely remove the app from your device. To do this, select the “Delete App” line in the opened window:

Select the “Delete App”

Then all data and actions associated with it will be deleted together with the program from the device’s memory.

The 3rd Way to Clear Trash on iPhone

To prevent the device from swamping the memory with unused documents, programs, and so on, there is one more secret on how to delete trash on iPhone.

Step 1. Go to the “Settings”

Click the “Settings”

Step 2. Go to the “iTunes and App Store” menu

Go to the “iTunes and App Store”

Step 3. Enable the “Offload Unused Apps” function 

Enable the “Offload Unused Apps”

This will enable your phone to detect apps you haven’t used for a long time. The device will delete them from the device’s memory but save all the data associated with it. As in the previous way, you can install the offloaded app from the App Store at any time.

Use our suggested methods, and you will forget about such a problem as a lack of free memory space. And the last recommendation for you: follow the described methods of how to empty trash on iPhone regularly. And you will always have free gigabytes and your phone will operate fast.

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