How to Add Someone on WhatsApp on Android Device

The popularity of instant messengers among Internet users is growing every day. And WhatsApp is no exception. This application has many useful features, but today we are going to talk about the one without which all others are useless. Namely - how to add a contact on WhatsApp on Android phone, because, without this function, you won’t be able to talk to anyone.

How to Add Someone on WhatsApp on Android

The 1st way how to add someone on WhatsApp on your Android device

  • Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone
  •  Click on the green icon in the lower right corner.
Click on the green icon in the lower right corner - WhatsApp
  • The contacts window opens. You will see the “new contact” item at the top of the screen. Click on it.
the “new contact” item - WhatsApp
  • Enter the data of a contact into the appeared form

This form contains only two required fields: mobile number and the name of a contact. All others fields are optional.

Enter the data for a new contact - WhatsApp
  • Click on the “OK” button in the upper right corner to save the contact. Then, open the contact list. The person you has added should appear there. 

If for some reason you do not see him or her in the list, tap on the icon with three dots in the upper right and click on the "Refresh" item. With this action, you will update the contact list and see the added user.

click on the "Refresh" item - WhatsApp

Is there another way on how to add someone on WhatsApp on Android? Yes, there are a few more methods and we tell you about them now.

The 2nd way to add a contact on Whatsapp on Android phone

If some reason you cannot add a contact to WhatsApp, then do that through the contact list of your phone. 

  • Open the “Contacts” app and tap on the plus sign
Open the “Contacts” app and tap on the plus sign - Android
  • Enter the name of the person to be added and select where to add the contact

This can be a Google account (if you connected it to your smartphone), Mi account (if you have a Xiaomi phone) or local storage. In the last case, the contact will be added only to the device. It will not be stored in cloud storages and cannot be recovered later.

Add new contact - Android
  • Then enter the phone number and click “Ok”
Enter the phone number - Android
  • Lastly, tap on the checkmark to save the contact
Save the contact - Android
  • After that, go to WhatsApp and update your contact list using the "Refresh" button

If the person you added to your contacts uses WhatsApp, he will certainly appear in that list.

The 3rd way how to add someone on Whatsapp on Android

How to add friends on WhatsApp on Android in an alternative way? More precisely, how to send a message to the person of your choice without saving him as a contact. Yes, this is also possible, but it will require some effort on your part. 

  • To get started, save the link '' to a text file.  
  • After the equals sign, type in the phone number of the user you want to chat with

Please note that a number must be in the international format, with a country code. Don’t enter the plus sign in front of it. Brackets, dashes, or spaces are also not allowed in the phone number you are going to add.

  • Now copy the link that contains the phone number in correct format from your text document.
  • Open an internet browser on your Android phone and paste this link into the address bar.
Paste the link into the address bar
  • A page with the phone number and the “Message” button will open. Click on it.
Click on the “Message” button - WhatsApp

After that, you will see the WhatsApp chat window with the user whose phone number you entered into the search bar. You can begin chatting with other WhatsApp users.

The phone number will not be saved in the contacts list on your Android device

How to invite a friend to register on WhatsApp

You should know that if a person is not registered on WhatsAppp, he will not be shown in your WhatsApp contacts.

  • In order to invite a user to register for the app, click on the “Message” icon, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Invite a friend”.
Invite a friend - WhatsApp
  • A pop-up window opens with a set of applications to choose from. Select the one you need and then send your invitation to the user in the form of a personal message or post on the wall (works for social networks).
Invite a friend via - WhatsApp

Now you’re aware of how to add someone on WhatsApp on Android device. And if a person is not on WhatsApp, just invite him to register there.

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