Top 6 Free Voice Changers and Modifiers for PC, Skype, and Discord

An online voice changer will help you diversify your voice chat to communicate with your friends. They are suitable as a prank for Skype or Discord, and they will also be indispensable in online games and on popular voice platforms.

By connecting voice modulators during a conversation, a user can change his/her voice pitch and timbre, as well as apply various effects and even perform correction of the phrase pronounced. All this will be a great tool for ensuring anonymity on the network and a great cause to play a trick.

Clownfish is the best software to change the voice with a built-in translator

Clownfish translator

This app is suitable for all fans of Discord. The app was developed and became perfect with the expectation of full compatibility with this voice chat. It is completely free of charge and has no ads that are a significant plus.

  • The program has a large number of voice templates, additional effects, and background surround sounds.
  • This is a great voice changer for games. Having installed Clownfish, you can communicate with foreign players using the built-in translator.

The program is as compact and functional as possible. Upon launching, it is located in the tray, from where it can be easily configured. Intuitive management and a simple interface allow even an unprepared user to understand its intricacies.

This voice changer can:

  • convert text to speech;
  • record sound from an external microphone;
  • apply effects to the voice during recording and in real time.

The software changes the user’s voice distributing it across all used apps when the microphone is enabled supporting as follows:

  • Skype;
  • Discord;
  • Viber;
  • Steam;
  • and other software for VoIP.

In this case, the voice changer operates in the background mode, and its features are accessed through the system taskbar.

Voxal Voice Changer is the best free voice changer for microphone via minijack

Voxal Voice Changer

The app has both a free and advanced paid version. However, buying the latter is not necessary, since the free program is also delighted with its capabilities.

  • Simulating a robot’s voice.
  • Changing a female voice to a male one.
  • Converting male to female speech.
  • Applying echo, etc.

In addition to voice presets, in Voxal Voice Changer, fine-tuned audio effects simulating radio, as well as effects of being in a concert hall, a bathroom, an auditorium, or an opera, are available to you. It allows you to change the voice in real time in any software in which you can use a microphone, such as Skype, Discord, online games, and voice messengers.

In addition, Voxal Voice Changer effects can be applied to already recorded files.

MorphVOX Jr is a free PC voice changer

MorphVOX Jr Voice Changer

This is a free and easy-to-use app modifying:

  • a male voice;
  • a female voice; or
  • a child’s voice.

MorphVOX Jr also simulates the surrounded sounds. In addition to the usual solutions, you can turn on, for example, city sounds during rush hours. The manufacturer also provides other options, but they can be separately charged. Before purchasing, you will be given trial access to the votes of your interest for a limited period for review.

The app is easily installed and used. It operates great in various games, Discord, Skype, and other messengers. Optionally, the choice of voices can be increased by purchasing the enhanced version of MorphVox Pro.

Fake voice is a free voice changer for Discord and other software

Fake Voice software

This is a popular app with a simple and intuitive interface. It can completely change the speech for a female, male, or child’s voice. In addition, the app contains several main effects:

  • echo adds volume to the surrounding space simulating a cave, a theater, or space;
  • the metallic sound creates a robotic effect.

The app is installed on a computer as an independent audio driver and can operate in any software that supports microphone operation. It creates its own virtual microphone, by choosing which you can achieve the desired result.

It will help to diversify calls via Skype, IP-telephony, and Discord.

Voicemod is a voice changer for Skype and other messengers

Voicemod software

This is a small software that allows you to change your voice during a conversation in Discord, Skype, and other messengers. The utility runs in parallel with the voice chat in a separate window.

Among the huge number of available effects, you can find here:

  • replacing a female voice with a male one (and vice versa);
  • changing a child’s voice;
  • changing a robot’s voice;
  • simulating surrounding sounds of a cave or a cathedral; adding obsession, etc.

VoiceMaster does not have a large number of ready-made effects; however, with the help of it, a user can independently change the tone of his/her voice and achieve the desired result. And at the same time, the voice sounds as natural as possible.

Scramby is voice changing app for PC

Scramby voice changer

This is a very simple and intuitive software that allows you to use up to 26 voice-changing presets. This smooths over the lack of fine-tuning.

The app is designed to work only online, and, at the same time, it processes speech quickly and efficiently even on non-powerful PCs.

This software to change a voice is suitable for anyone who does not intend to go into the details of audio settings and nevertheless, wants to get a quick and high-quality result.

Scramby supports a wide range of apps, as well as Skype, Discord, and other voice chats.

Each of the presented programs is distributed free of charge. However, some options may include advanced versions with a large number of settings and available presets. However, familiar free versions will be enough and some to spare for online games and pranks.

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