7 Best Crypto Wallets Apps For Android and iOS

Experienced cryptocurrency owners know how important is to provide comfortable usage and safe storage of their savings (money saved). Because, as the industry develops, more and more companies begin accepting cryptocurrency as the way of payment. It leads to necessity of choosing a comfortable wallet, which will provide the immediate access to the account and will guarantee the safety of all operations. 

The best crypto wallets are available today on mobile platforms as well, which simplifies the access to any cryptocurrency and allows to use it in daily life as easy as other electronic payment ways. 


Coinomi wallet app

Coinomi is a cryptocurrency wallet for Android and iOS with a guarantee of full anonymity. This multifunctional app in a comfortable mobile format allows to:

  • Keep various cryptocurrency, including bitcoins and all the main tokens and altcoins, counting more than 12 digital assets
  • Use built-in stock market for immediate, full anonymous assets exchange
  • Have an access to savings and to pay up with them very quickly

At the heart of security are the keys, which are kept in the user’s phone in an encrypted form. While working with Coinomi, maximum security is observed, the app doesn’t require any additional verifications, and ongoing transactions are not tracked, hiding the user’s IP.


Jaxx wallet app

This cross-platform wallet can work with more than 90 cryptocurrency assets. At the same time, the app doesn’t need any registration, and after installation you can immediately start working.

The wallet provides:

  • Transactions receiving and sending
  • Shows the detailed information about each coin
  • Comfortable stock money monitoring, including cryptocurrency exchange rate, their market-based capitalization etc
  • Allows tracking coins balance and controlling the cost changes with a period from an hour to a month
  • Access to the information about completed transactions in network

Jaxx – is the best mobile crypto wallet. It has all the necessary additional functions, which guarantee the effective work at the digital exchange. 


Cryptopay wallet

Cryptopay provides the access to the main cryptocurrencies: 

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • XRP

At the same time, the service is being developed, and this guarantees the adding of other currencies in future. 

This wallet is oriented on comfortable usage of digital assets with additional service and bonus:

  1. The system supports creation of fiat accounts in dollars
  2. Currency and cryptocurrency exchange within one account is made without creating of additional orders for transactions and with a relatively small commission of 1%
  3. There is a possibility of withdrawal of fiat funds to bank accounts in dollars, euros or pounds
  4. The service provides issue of prepaid debit card for comfortable payment for goods and services by cryptocurrency

All mentioned above makes Cryptopay one of the best crypto wallets for Android, which are easy to use in daily life. 


Edge wallet app

This wallet will become a real find, for both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency owners.

  • The app supports working with more than 30 digital assets
  • It allows to buy and sell cryptocurrency for fiats in direct exchange
  • One account can be used on multiple devices at once, and you can log in via PIN code or Touch ID

Edge supports user anonymity, that’s why you don’t need to enter passport data, phone number and even e-mail to start working. 

Besides it, the company doesn’t have any access to user account, and all encryption is done on the client side. 

This wallet for cryptocurrency on iOS also provides access to comfortable stock market, and innumerous partners of the project provide it with additional functions and bonus. 


BRD wallet app

It differs for its simplicity of design and intuitive interface, which helps quickly get used to beginners. 

At the same time, advanced users will rate the high level of security and privacy policy, while working in BRD. 

It becomes possible on account of direct connection to the blockchain via the seed phase, which was generated earlier and consists of 12 random words.

Therefore, when working with mobile app, you don’t need any passwords and additional accounts. 

The wallet supports all main operations with digital assets based on:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Other tockens ERC-20

This wallet allows to buy cryptocurrency via credit and debit cards. 


Trust wallet app

It is a multifunctional wallet, which allows not only to keep cryptocurrency, but to make money on it. 

  1. The users are given information about real-time course schedule
  2. The conversion of assets into digital currencies is supported, which are linked to fiat and physical goods, ensuring minimal exchange rate fluctuations
  3. Trust provides for passive earnings on existing assets with the help of staking

In addition, the system supports the use of decentralized apps and the purchase of cryptocurrency directly from a bank card.

It is worth considering that the wallet does not support Bitcoin, however, it works with Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC 223 tokens.


Coinbase wallet app

Nowadays, Coinbase is called the most reliable system for cryptocurrency storage and use. It becomes possible by storing the bulk of client funds in offline wallets. 

  • The app allows to buy and to sell cryptocurrencies
  • Securely store digital assets

The wallet works with main cryptocurrencies and stablecoins:

  • Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum and Ethereum Classic
  • Lightcoin
  • USCD
  • Zcash
  • 0x ZRX etc.

What will be the best wallet for iPhone or Android phones is up to you. After all, any app has both positive aspects and certain dangers.

Using crypto wallets on your smartphone, it is important to remember about existing risks in case of device loss. This danger can be solved thanks to remote work via the blockchain, which is implemented in BRD. At the same time, storing keys directly on your phone or tablet increases the protection of savings from hacker attacks when using, for example Edge.

Otherwise, the crypto wallet on the phone is a quick access to savings at any time and place with a set of all the necessary functions for a comfortable work.

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