How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth

Currently, there are two popular mobile systems in the world – Android and iOS. However, when changing one Smartphone to another, users face certain difficulties. For example, when transferring the contact list from Android to iPhone. You may need to transfer other important information that is stored in the personal communication device’s memory together with the contacts.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth

There are several ways for such a transfer. Using the instructions below, you can synchronize, import or transfer contacts from an Android mobile device to an iPhone Smartphone.

Main ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

You can transfer contacts from Android Smartphones to iPhone Smartphones in the following ways:

  • wirelessly via Bluetooth;
  • through an account registered with Google services;
  • via iTunes;
  • through an installed SIM card;
  • using MovetoiOS, a special application;
  • through CardDAV, a special protocol.

Transfer of contacts from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth

This is the fastest and most convenient way to transfer personal information and contacts from Android to iPhone. Before performing the following steps, check the status of the mobile phone and make sure that the data transfer via Bluetooth wireless connection is activated.

Bluetooth wireless connection is activated

Such a mode should be enabled on Smartphones running both Android and iOS operating systems. And both devices must be within the Bluetooth coverage area. A mode for detection of other devices should be necessarily enabled on both personal communication devices.

Important! To transfer data to Apple’s Smartphones, you must first register in iCloud, a special service that supports data transfer between devices running on different operating systems. The “Export vCard” option provides the possibility to transfer contact information in a single file.

After the preparatory measures, you can proceed to the instructions below, which step by step describes how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth:

  • Click the “Applications” touch key located in the main menu on the Android Smartphone. After entering the section, find the “Contacts” tab and click the “Contacts” button (or go to “Tools”, select and click the “Contacts” button).
"Tools" - "Contacts" - Android
"Tools" - "Contacts" - Android
  • Then go to the “Contacts” tab;
“Contacts” tab - Android
  • Select the “Import/Export contacts” option on the right;
Import/Export contacts - Android
  • If you go to “Settings”, you can set the export of contacts with their pictures, notes, etc. By default, “Settings” look like this:
Contacts Export - Settings tab - Android
Contacts Export - Settings - Android
  • So, go to “Import/Export contacts”. The “Display Options” settings appear. Click the “Share contacts” button;
Display Options - Share contacts - Android
  • Choose Bluetooth;
Display Options - Share contacts - Choose Bluetooth - Android
  • Then, Android will search for available mobile devices including Android, Apple, iOS and others. And we select this device.
Contacts Export - Choose Bluetooth device - Android
  • A file, usually with the .VCF extension, its name and size, and name of the device will be displayed on the mobile phone, to which we want to transfer the contacts;
Contacts Transfer - Accept incoming file
  • Click “Accept”, and after the wireless connection is established, data transfer will begin;
  • Then, go to the phone book on the iPhone, click the “Options” button and select the “Import/Export” tab;
  • If the transferred file with contacts is located in the mobile phone’s memory, select the “Import from internal memory” option. And if it is on the memory card, then save data from a removable USB flash drive;
  • Then, press the “Import” key.
  • Find the active available device on iOS and transfer the file;
  • Accept the transferred data on the iPhone and open the file received;
  • Click the “Create new contacts” touch key or the “Merge with contacts” option.

Pay your attention to the additional hints that pop up on the iPhone screen during the above steps. This information will allow you to configure the device for the correct transfer of your contacts from the Android Smartphone. Follow all recommended instructions.

Now, you know how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone via Bluetooth, without resorting to a manual way of transferring data from the list of contacts from one mobile device to another. This is one of the most popular and convenient options for transferring stored information. If you need to perform the reverse operation, then simply follow the steps in the correct order.

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