How to Share a WiFi Password From Mac to iPhone

The owners of Apple devices have become accustomed to the convenience of data syncing and transferring from one device to another. And, in the case of connecting to a WiFi network, the developer took care of a user as much as possible.

Once connected to a wireless network, you and your friends will be able to use it without entering the password until it’s changed or the network settings are updated.

How to Share a WiFi Password From Mac to iPhone

How to share your WiFi password from Mac to iPhone in various ways – this is what we will learn further in our step-by-step instruction.

Way #1: How to Share the WiFi Password From Mac to iPhone if devices are connected to the same iCloud account

In this method, you do not have to perform any actions to connect to WiFi. Your iPhone will establish the WiFi connection on its own when the following conditions are met:

  • The iCloud account must be active on each of the devices that are already connected to WiFi and those that will be. To check it out, go to the iCloud settings on your device and see what account is being used.

For Mac:

the iCloud settings - Mac

For iPhone:

the iCloud settings - iPhone
  • The iCloud Keychain must be enabled on your Mac and iPhone. This option allows you to save all passwords entered on one device and provide access to them from another one. Passwords for all WiFi networks to which the device was previously connected are stored there as well.

For Mac:

  • Go to Settings -> iCloud
Open the iCloud settings
  • Check the box next to the “Keychain” item. You may need the iCloud password to activate this function.
Check the box next to the “Keychain” item - Mac

For iPhone

  1. Go to Settings -> Passwords and Accounts -> iCloud
  2. Scroll down the screen to the “Keychain” item
  3. Open the appropriate menu and move the slider to “on” positon (if this option was disabled).
Move the slider to “on” positon next to the "Keychain" item - iPhone
The iCloud Keychain is enabled now - iPhone

Done! Now “iCloud Keychain” is activated on your devices and you can share the WiFi password from Mac to iPhone and vice versa.

Way #2: How to Share the WiFi Password From Mac to iPhone if devices are on different accounts

Here you have two options.

You can share your password either manually or automatically (for iOS 11 or higher, and macOS High Sierra or above).

To find the password for any WiFi network to which your Mac has ever connected, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Keychain application: Launchpad -> Keychain Access
Go to the Keychain application
  • Select “iCloud” and “Passwords” from the left panel of the window.
Choose “iCloud” and “Passwords”
  • Sort the displayed passwords by type in order to easily find the ones for wireless networks. Scroll down and find the name of the WiFi network you need.
  • Select the desired network and click on the “i” sign in the upper left corner of the window.
Choose the desired WiFi network and click on the “i” sign - Mac
  • In the opened window, you will see the data for the selected network where the last item is the “Show password” filed with a corresponding checkbox next to it. Check the box and in the popup window enter the password for your Mac, if it’s installed.
Check the “Show password” filed - Mac
Enter the keychain password - Mac
  • The password for the selected wifi network will be displayed in the “Show password” field. Now, you can copy and share it with your friend.
WiFi password is displayed in the “Show password” field - Mac

In order to automatically share the password from Mac to iPhone, follow these instructions:

  • Enable Bluetooth on both devices

For Mac:

Bluetooth settings for a Mac
the "Turn Bluetooth on" button on a Mac

For iPhone:

Bluetooth settings for iPhone
the Bluetooth slider on iPhone
  • Make sure the iPhone owner who connects to the known WiFi network, is in your contacts list. If not, enter the data about that person by creating a new contact on your Mac.
  • On the iPhone you want to connect to WiFi, go to “Settings” -> WLAN and select the network to which you’re connecting.
Go to “Settings” - WLAN and select the network to which you’re connecting - iPhone
  • Go to your Mac and wait for the “Share Password” pop-up banner to appear. 
  • Click “Share” to automatically transfer the password to an iPhone device. You don’t have to do any further actions on the phone - the connection will start immediately.
Click “Share” to automatically transfer the password to an iPhone device

So, there are a few ways on how to share a WiFi password from mac to iPhone. Any of them can be useful in a particular situation. With our instructions, you can easily transfer your wifi password from Mac to iPhone either manually or automatically, and use the Internet for your pleasure.

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