How do you delete contacts on Skype?

Do you want to know how to delete contacts on Skype? Here, we’ll try to help you! But first of all, let’s think about why you might need this. It is possible that you have stopped communicating with a person and you don’t want to see him/her in your contact list. Or maybe, a spammer has been added to you and sends you all kinds of advertising messages. You have to get rid of this!

How do you delete contacts on Skype

How to delete contacts on Skype on Windows

Most likely, you use the Skype application from Windows Store. This is convenient and you don’t need to look for a desktop version on the Internet. But now, there is a long-standing need to delete the contact from Skype. How can you do this?

Launch Skype. Go to the “Contacts” tab. All the people who are in your contact list will be displayed here. If you have too many of them, you don’t need to scroll the whole page in search of the right one. Just type the user’s name or login into the application’s search bar, and he/she will be displayed in a second.

Contacts - Skype

Click with the right mouse button on the contact found and select the “Edit contact” item.

Edit contact - Skype

A window will open, with the “Remove from contact list” inscription being at the bottom. Click on it and confirm the deletion of the contact.

Remove from contact list - Skype

Now, when someone asks you: “How do you delete contacts on Skype?”, you will know what to answer this person and how to help him/her.

By the way, you can delete a contact from the user profile. For this purpose, instead of “Edit contact”, you should click “View profile”, scroll the page down and use the same item you see in the screenshot above.

How to delete a contact from the browser version of Skype

You can use Skype without installing an app or a program. Just open the web version of Skype and log in. Here, the deletion of a contact is carried out in a similar way. Therefore, we will show the process of removing a user not from the “Contacts” tab, but directly from the chat list.

So, you want to know how to delete contacts on Skype. For this purpose, open Skype in your browser and go to the “Chats” tab. By default, namely, this tab opens.

Here, you can use the search bar, as in the previous method, or scroll through the list of contacts and find the necessary contact.

How to delete a contact from the browser version of Skype

You already know how to delete a contact using the context menu. But there is an alternative way to do this. You can open a dialog with the user and click on his/her name at the top of the page. A window will open, scroll through the information in it to the very bottom and click the “Remove from contact list” inscription that is already familiar to you. And the contact will be deleted.

Remove from contact list - browser version of Skype

How to delete a contact from the Skype mobile app

People often asked: “How do you delete contacts on Skype on a mobile phone?”. Let’s talk about it and show an example!

Launch Skype on your Smartphone. Scroll through the list of your dialogs in the “Chats” tab and find the user you need. Click the box with his/her name and hold it with your finger until a window pops up.

How do you delete contacts on Skype on a mobile phone

Then tap on the “View profile” item. The user profile will open. Scroll it down and click on the “Remove from contact list” item, and then confirm the action by clicking on the “Remove” button.

Remove from contact list - Skype mobile app

A similar method of the deletion is available on the “Contacts” tab. But since there can be many more contacts than dialogs, use the search. Click on the magnifying glass icon and type the name or nickname of the candidate to be deleted in the search bar.

Remove contacts on Skype mobile

After that, hold down the desired contact with your finger and tap on the “View Profile” item in the window opened. Scroll the page down and click on the “Remove from contact list” inscription. Confirm the deletion, and that’s all!

Now, you know how to delete contacts on Skype on a computer, in a browser and on your mobile phone.

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